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Invoice capture is a growing area of AI where most companies are making their first purchase of an AI product because it is an easy to integrate solution with significant benefits.Photo Wallpaper Non-woven (fleece) Self-adhesive Foil stone effect 100405-114

While digitization helped automate numerous processes, mostly rule based software was used in digitization. However, invoice capture involves both reading the invoice text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and understanding its context with machine learning.

Invoice capture (also called invoice capture, invoice data extraction or invoice OCR) is extracting structured from invoices so invoices can be automatically processed.  Invoice capture has been the first back office process to be automated with AI for most companies. Read more

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Invoice automation (also called automated invoice processing) is a maturing area of automation with limited implementation risks and significant benefits.Photo Wallpaper Non-woven (fleece) Self-adhesive Foil Dubai City d-B-0197-a-a Invoice automation would free up back office finance/procurement teams to focus on higher value added tasks.

Invoice automation allows straight through processing (no human interaction) most of the time for the entire invoice process. Invoice automation involves

  • monitoring for invoices: Invoices arrive in companies as PDFs, image files and increasingly rarely as hard copy documents.
    • For digital invoices, an RPA bot or a simple email automation tool can flag emails with invoices and forward them for data extraction. Some companies use a dedicated email address for invoices to further simplify invoice monitoring.Photo Wallpaper Non-woven (fleece) Self-adhesive Foil Forest Woods c-A-0016-a-a
    • For hard-copy invoices, companies are switching to using a single address to centralize invoice scanning
    invoice capture: Extracting relevant details (e.g. bank account, ordered item) from the invoice. If software does not have confidence in the results, it is sent to employees for a manual check. evaluating invoice against order records and other criteria to ensure that the payment is indeed a valid one. Photo Wallpaper Non-woven (fleece) Self-adhesive Foil Mandala Zen f-A-0624-a-aEvaluations include
    • cross-checking invoice against purchase orders
    • cross-checking invoice for duplicity
    • using working capital optimization policies to decide payment time
    • using limits to to decide whether to manually process invoice. Invoices that are abnormally large compared to a suppliers’ usual invoices may need to be manually verified to ensure that wrong payments are not done
    recording invoice-related information in systems making the necessary payment to settle the invoice

    All steps except invoice capture are rule-based processes. However, invoice capture relies on machine learning to extract the data in the invoice. For more, please read our Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 20003_VEN Flower Alley Terrace View Nature Plant. Read more


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We are grateful to Shige Sato for his time. He is a veteran of tech 30+ years of experience, co-founder & CEO of Argos Labs. Photo Wallpaper Non-woven (fleece) Self-adhesive Foil Sea Paradise 10110903-19Their solution, RPA+, is one of the leading solutions in no code RPA space. As we explained Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 20114_VEN Footballer and Eiffel Tower Ball Footb, no code is the future of RPA.

Why should companies choose Argos Labs for their RPA solution?

Photo Wallpaper Non-woven (fleece) Self-adhesive Mandala Oriental f-A-0637-a-bI can provide 4 reasons. We have a superior and cheaper solution compared to traditional RPA providers, our solution has been preferred by numerous Fortune 500 and we have won against leading RPA providers while competing for some of the largest clients. Read more


Case studies are one of the most effective methods to learn about a new technology. RPA is no different. Therefore, Photo Wallpaper Picture Print Self Adhesive Illusion 3D Abstract a-A-0276-a-awe decided to aggregate case studies about RPA from numerous sources so you can filter them by industry (e.g. telecom, financial services) or business function (e.g. marketing) to identify how your company can implement RPA, the reported benefits and the partners those companies worked with.

If you need more examples on RPA, we listed almost >50 applications areas of RPA categorized across business functions and industries, explaining in detail how RPA adds value for each process. Read more


As with any software, there are efforts to create open source RPA (in case you have open questions about RPA, check out the most comprehensive article on the topic). Though there’s already some open source RPA providers, open source RPA ecosystem is currently quite immature. We do not expect this to change in the near future because we do not see major for-profit entities supporting no-code RPA yet.Pic Hache Tête 3.2kg - 12249 In all cases of strong open source adoption, for-profit companies heavily supported open source code development. For example, you can see share of contributions to Linux Kernel by for-profit companies in the featured image above. Read more

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